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About Tips from the Corner Table

Let's go way back.  5th grade to be exact.  Summer school for creative students.  It started with a ...

travel Jesse Camille's Boston

Love That Dirty Water...

For those of you who may have crossed paths with us, you know that Larry and I have a little “dirty ...

travel Dinner Jesse Camille's texting

The Voices of Silent Conversation

I admit it.  I am as guilty as every Millennial and teenager out there.  Words and symbols have repl...

travel Maine lobster Ogunquit

Venturing Maine Stream

Every year, we plan a mid-summer beach vacation, and 9 times out of 10, the dominant destination for...

travel Virginia Beach Summer

Virginia is for Lovers

Every summer, we pack up the kids and the dog, and the Ericksons travel northward.  We generally spe...

travel California Sonoma Wine Napa Valley

In the Valley of the Moon

According to a legend passed down from indigenous people who migrated to the area from Asia over the...

Graceland Tennessee travel

Walking with My Feet Ten Feet off of Beale

Marc Cohn’s one-hit wonder inspired by his first visit to the land of the Delta Blues hits the key n...

travel Ireland Europe

Turning 50 is Bad...Wimpfen

My neighbor and friend Saskia joined the club.  No, not the gym.  No not the country club.  That sam...

travel Cuba International Travel

Half of my Heart is in Havana

Written in 2016

travel Jesse Camille's Winter

When the Same Old, Same Old Isn't so Old

We were eating breakfast in the restaurant of our hotel and my husband confirmed my worst fears.  “H...

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